Correct Rest URL Syntax with Filter and Signature

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    Querying tables and entities in the Table service requires careful construction of the request URI. The Table service supports the following query options, which conform to the OData Protocol Specification. You can use these options to limit the set of tables, entities, or entity properties returned by a query.


    Returns only tables or entities that satisfy the specified filter. Note that no more than 15 discrete comparisons are permitted within a $filter string


    Example: $filter=(ProductNameId eq '218')

    For more details, see “Querying Tables and Entities”.

    A shared access signature (SAS) is a URI that grants restricted access rights to Azure Storage resources. You can provide a shared access signature to clients who should not be trusted with your storage account key but to whom you wish to delegate access to certain storage account resources. By distributing a shared access signature URI to these clients, you can grant them access to a resource for a specified period of time, with a specified set of permissions.

    For more details, see “Delegating Access with a Shared Access Signature”.

    And, you may check the “Table Examples using a Shared Access Signature”.

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