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    Hello everyone. I just started with ASP/VB/VS2010 just a few days. So far everything went well but I am running into some problem.

    I have a search page. This search page have 3 controls: textbox, listbox, dropdownlist. and a button "search". I want to make it so that when I submit the data the database(access) will return the item being search. It will search in the colums selected by the listbox, and look for the category in the dropdownlist.

    But somehow my SQL command, as well as the query builder is not really helping me in this process. It's making thing more complicated. The database connection and such is fine it just I don't know how to manage all 3 controls in SQL and make them return to me the data I need. Also there is a default catagories which is search in all columns, and in all for all category.

    Also. If you guys can help me with a way to post the returning data to a different page. That be great also. Thank you in advance.





    Friday, November 12, 2010 10:12 PM


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    But somehow my SQL command, as well as the query builder is not really helping me in this process

    That's because the VWD/Visual Studio query builder doen't fully support Access. Only very simple basic statements are supported.

    Also, bevause you can select on or more colums in the lixtbox to do the select, even when using SQL Server, you'll need to do some coding to create the SelectCommand, because you cannot parameterize columns. When using as Access- Or SQL-DataSource names DsBooks it shoudl be something like:

                DsBooks.SelectCommand = "SELECT * FROM BOOKS WHERE Category = @Category"
                For Each Item As ListItem In listbox1.Items
                    If Item.Selected Then
                        DsBooks.SelectCommand += String.Format(" AND {0} Like @Search + '%'", Item.Text)
                    End If

    and you can use Control parameters to bind the parameters:

                    <asp:ControlParameter Name="Category" ControlID="CategoryDropDownList" PropertyName="SelectedValue" />
                    <asp:ControlParameter Name="Search" ControlID="SearchTextBox" PropertyName="Text" />

    And if you want to show all records in the gridview when the textbox is empty, don't forget to set the CancelSelectOnNullParameter of the DataSource to false

    More info


    But I see you're using an ObjectDataSource? Then it all deplands how you coded your object....


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