Drawing Schematics of gas pipeline RRS feed

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  • I would liike to use Expression Blend to draw a library of graphic objects (UserControls) which I could use in a drawing of pipeline equipment.  I envision doing this within a WPF application in a Grid cell - much the same way you would do it in an HTML table cell.  I would like to make this dynamic so that I can put anything I want at runtime into the grid cell.

    I am currently doing this by using the XAMLReader method and using a pre-built display which is built around Viewbox tags which are simply inserted into the cell and which are stored in the Visual Studio project.  This works fine, but I do not want to recompile my program each time I would like to add a new drawing, so I was wondering the following:

    1. Can I make a drawing a Usercontrol and have it reference the library of objects (which are also a Usercontrol) so that I can always reference the set of objects that my code is familiar with in the library?  Remember that my application already has a Layout Root and the other things necessary to make the XML compliant and well formed.  I like this idea because my drawings would be a dll and would update automatically when I update the XAML code via the Usercontrol.

    2. Is there other ways to do this that might be more elegant?


    Sunday, September 19, 2010 9:44 PM