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  • Please read this post carfully before you dive headlong into outlining what's wrong/right with the communities.

    I made an observation this morning while looking for example source code that I could use to get an idea on some new concepts I find myself needing to use at work.

    I was looking for VB code for a few things, but I kept running across C# code instead, and it eventually got to the point where I bookmarked a conversion tool on developerfusion. It shouldn't be that difficult should it? To find an example in VB... It is still a very widely used language after all...

    My observation was that there doesn't seem to be nearly as much vb code out there as opposed to C# code which seems to be everywhere...
    Noticing this, I got to thinking about a discussion I found a while ago where people were discussing whether or not VB is a viable option for aspiring developers and whether it's essentially a "dead" language. As with most discussions, there were people who agreed that VB is dead and people should just use C# from now on, but there were also those who made good points to the contrary...

    I submit before you today that if Visual Basic is to be revived, we need to get out there and market it! Yes this was actually Microsoft's job, but who better to tell people about the language than those of use who use it every day by preference rather than necessity?

    It looks to me like the C# community is much more active as far as writing and distributing working code goes than the VB community and that, I think, is a crucial factor in the popularity of visual basic as a language, because most people would rather find example code that shows them how to accomplish a specific task than read the documentation and experiment. And with there being more C# code out there to find, it makes sense that people would be thinking something along the lines of "C# code... well then, goodbye vb..."

    I believe that if we put more vb code out there, the following for vb will grow substantially. Maybe not to the same proportions as that of C#, but it's a step in the right direction nonetheless. 

    Logan Young, MCPD Web Developer hopeful
    Tuesday, January 19, 2010 7:03 AM

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  • I don't think M$ really cares much . You use to be able to click at the top of the page and get back to a listing of all the M$ forums now you only get VB forums . That being said you either like VB or you don't . Users tend to stick with what they like but there are lots of memebers here who write in both languages . This debate has been brought up before and tends to go nowhere .
    Coding4fun Be a good forum member mark posts that contain the answers to your questions or those that are helpful
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    Tuesday, January 19, 2010 7:12 AM
  • Logany,

    C# users have the same complaints like you, but then vise vers

    If you are searching for code as a VB developer you recognise direct the not so well written in VB and ignore that.

    As a VB developer you don't see that direct in C#.

    I don't care if it is VB or C#, but my last piece I needed which I found and real was looking more than a copied forum sample was done in VB.

    The same is with jobs, investigate them what is written. 

    You will than soon recognise that it was somebody not knowing much from development who made it.
    You have the change to be asked during the interview to redesign an MS Access application but leave the main part like it is.

    About Microsoft, look at the additions to VB and to C# in version 2010.


    Tuesday, January 19, 2010 7:38 AM
  • bdbodger, I'm not debating which is better here, I'm simply saying that I think that if more people were to post more online to do with vb, like Beth Massi's blog (as well as mine), giving vb more exposure, it'd flourish more and probably last longer than people seem to think it's going to.

    Cor, I fully intend to have a look at VB2010... in fact, I'm still downloading Beta2... but it really is slow going because I've got to throttle my download down for work...

    Logan Young, MCPD Web Developer hopeful
    Tuesday, January 19, 2010 7:56 AM