Network Load balancing using 2008 RRS feed

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    First of all i am not sure this is the right forums for my query. please let me know if there are any other forums which can provide an answer to my query.

    the issue is  I have an application which is manages a serial of bytes coming from a device I expose my application using a WCF service .actullay devices
    creates a socket connection with another application and that application sends these bytes directly using WCF to my application . the connection between my application and the application which actually communicates directly with the device is stateless. ie it just sends a series of bytes along with a key.
    based on the key my application creates different object ie for key 1 object 1 and for key 2 object 2 etc and since all data for key1 won't be send as a single response it might be in multiple chunks , says data for key 1 might come in 10 chunks . hence i am creating a object pool inside my application which creates an object when the data for a specific key first arrives and keeps that object in a pool. and it uses the same object once the next chunck of the same key arrives.

    My problem is to reduce the load of my application I need to introduce Network Load balancing . But Is it possible to configure in my scenario. using windows 2008 NLB? ie all requests with the same key should be directed to the same machine which handled the previous requests ?

    Thursday, July 9, 2009 9:35 AM

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