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    My last problem had a lot of support here, and with help was eventually solved.  So Here I am again...


    (Web Expression 3 user) I have recently tried creating a template for my existing site using DWT- but I am very new to expressions.  I am working on 2 pages my index:  which has an error in the heading- Top header button is wrong color and another page  with the same color button and bold text issu, and I also have made changes on the side navigation that do not show at all after publishing?  Here is my problem/steps:

    As I am new, I did not realize that the DWT was the way to create consistency.  So I made one today using a header from the index page.  Now I can see the difference in them in the snapshot, and make changes, save them, publish them- but the published version does not match the snapshot.  It does not matter if it is IE, or Mozilla.  The changes do not seem to show.  The main issues are top header button color on the 2 pages above, and side navigation in which the changes do not show up at all.

    Now, I have a made a bunch of changes today.  And I have previously noticed that a lot of changes do not seem to show up right away with GoDaddy at certain ocassions.  Has anyone else had issues with their published site not matching the snapshot?  As I am new to the DWT- is it a mistake in how I made the master page?  (which consisted of the side nav bar, and the top header)

    Thanks for any suggestions or glaring error help.

    Monday, March 7, 2011 1:12 AM

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  • You'll have to post the pages with the problem. What you linked to are just old FrontPage pages with all the old FP junk code. There's no DWT governing those pages.

    And--please--tell us exactly what's wrong. Telling us that "Top header button is wrong color..." doesn't tell us what it is and what it should be. You don't have anything called a heading, but 2 or 3 things that could be considered headings on different pages (and are probably more logically navigation than heading).

    All that old FP code and button images is trash to a modern browser (And those buttons were designed for vertical navigation, to give a braided effect when stacked. You can use them horizontally, but it looks odd.). I hope you are ditching all of that junk and the messy menu table for a standards-based design. The code is a huge mess of conflicting and overridden styles, with no consistency I can't follow it right now, exactly.

    However, the pages I'm talking about above are not the pages you seem to be talking about (with the DWT).  Post those pages, then come back and point us to them.

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    Monday, March 7, 2011 1:32 AM
  • One other thing to check is that you are publishing all the assets used by your page. If you haven't uploaded the new images, css or other bits they won't show up on the hosted site but will show up when previewed locally.

    You may also need to clear your browser cache if changes aren't showing up since your browser may have a cached version.

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    Monday, March 7, 2011 3:11 AM
  • I have a difficult time understanding what you are asking.  Your title says "snapshot doesn't match published web", you refer to using a DWT, then you give us  links to pages that were not created using a DWT. (Or created starting in EW at all; I assume they were originated in FrontPage.  No doctype.)

    Not surprisingly, the published web doesn't match what you haven't published.

    If you meant to ask something else, please try again, with a clearer question.

    Monday, March 7, 2011 4:38 AM