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  • I had 3 assemblies, say A1, A2, & A3. A2 references A1, and A3 references A2. But, A3 does NOT have a direct reference to A1.

    All of them are WAP project assemblies. All 3 of them were deployed to the bin folder of a website.

    The references are NOT set to force a particular version. Now, I updated A1 alone in the bin directory, with a new version. All web user controls whose codebehinds were compiled to assembly A2, continued to work smoothly. However, all controls with their code-behinds compiled to A3 began giving an exception as:

    error BC30456: 'CreateResourceBasedLiteralControl' is not a member of 'ASP.desktopmodules_......'

    A simple recompile & update of A3 resolved the problem. This has me confused. Firstly, as a new version
    of A1 was installed with NO breaking changes (just a minor bug fix), user controls of both of A2 & A3 should have continued to work. If they had to give exception, controls of both A2 & A3 should have failed.
    Why only A3??
    Remember, I mentioned the "Specific Version" property for both the references was false, and it was an upgrade (not a downgrade) of A1 !!!

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  • Sounds to me like ASP.NET question - please use http://forums.asp.net/ for such questions.

    If these 3 assemblies were just .NET assemblies (without ASP.NET involved), then everything should either work fine, or neither A2 nor A3 would work at all (in case you increased the assembly version of A1 with your update). Because it works only partially and the error refers to ASP.desktopmodules, I guess it is ASP.NET specific issue.

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    Friday, January 15, 2010 5:34 PM