Replacing the Model in Kinect Avateering-XNA Example RRS feed

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  • I'm working on trying to substitute the dude.fbx model in the Kinect Avaterring-XNA sample with another model using a tutorial on mopred's blogspot and have substituted other models successfully using the method described, but there is one that I can't seem to get to work.

    Using 3DS Max I have successfully imported dude.fbx and replaced the current skin mesh with one downloaded from the internet.  I used the "Skin" Modifier on the mesh and added all of dude.fbx's bones.  After exporting and adding the model to the content of the Avateering-XNA project, this error shows up: "The mesh "sub01", using SkinnedEffect, contains geometry that is missing texture coordinates for channel 0."  "sub01" is the mesh in the model that has the skin modifier and bones added to it.  The Content Processor has been switched to used SkinnedModelProcessor.

    I've adding a texture to the mesh and deleting all textures off of the mesh, but I can't figure out why this error is coming up.

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