Service Bus trigger with Enabled Session RRS feed

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  • I have enabled the session for subscription and also i have passed the SessionId while publishing to ESB. Based on the trigger point, Now it will hit the ServiceBusTrigger for that subscription. Here I need to consume the message without **Message Receiver**. Can I use the **IMessageSession** as like the code below ?

            public async Task MethodName([ServiceBusTrigger("Topic", "Subscription",IsSessionsEnabled =true)] Message message, IMessageSession messageSession, ILogger logger)
                        var brokeredMessage = message.Wrap(messageSession); 
                        //download the message from dataUrl and implement business logic with the message consumed  

     OR Is there any other way or best practice to do the same ?

    **My goal will be like,
    Session A has 3 message in service bus.
    Session B has 3 message in service bus.
    Session C has 3 message in service bus.** 

    I need to consume / run all the Session A ,  Session B ,  Session C in parallel and it should execute in FIFO manner to read the message in each session.

    This is working as expected. But **Getting the exception below, How can i handle this ?**

    Exception occured while processing in The session lock has expired on the MessageSession. Accept a new MessageSession.Base Expection .
    Thursday, July 23, 2020 4:18 AM