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  • I think this has to be done on the Host side.
    This is the place of your images. The scenario "someone stealing your VDI " ... to get your data , starts at this location. The physical Host.
    You can simply block the VBox program from running - there are tools out there ( for XP/WIN Hosts - search for "exe blocker")
    This is simple security for multiuser-hosts.
    A simple password protection inside VBox , seems to be a good suggestion anyway...
    If you want good security (Windows host), create a extra partition - only for your VDI images and machine settings. The HDDs are big enough today.
    Better ( if no mobile computer) : spend an entire harddrive only for your VDI Images+settings. Use TrueCrypt ( a good stable open source solution) and encrypt the whole drive/partition . Mount it (use the same volume mount label everytime! ) before you start the guest. Done.
    You can create a TrueCrypt-container, if you don't want to encrypt an entire partition.
    For performance reasons - try to use fixed size images , don't use your hosts system partition for your guests.
    It's no problem at all using TrueCrypt containers inside the guest.

    Friday, July 15, 2011 6:51 AM