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  • Greetings all,

    I am the only user of XP Pro SP3 and running as Administrator and never had Welcome screen where I need to click on my user name in order to log on.

    I visited MS update site and accepted Framework 1.1 installation.
    That created ASPNet account on my computer, after which I was presented with welcome screen
    I changed the way user log on off by unchecking "Use the welcome screen".

    After that every logon I have a dialogue box  where I need to press OK with empty password box.

    The usual buttons Restart / Turn Of Standby are gone.

    Shutdown brings me to the ugly screen dialogue with drop-down list of options.

    I uninstalled Framework 1.1 (and hot fix),  I deleted aspNet Machine account.

    ... but now no matter what I do I cannot return to the normal behaviour regarding  stand by/restart/ tunoff buttons and logon without any emptypassworded dialogue.
    Welcome screen does not appear anymore regardless changing "Use the welcome screen".

    What has to be fixed?

    Thank you in advance
    My regards
    Friday, September 26, 2008 8:21 AM


  • Weird !!!  ... but I fixed it.

    after re installing / uninstalling deleting aspNet account (which messed up my PC) again- nothing could change described above.

    before going into different registry tweaking I asked myself about the buttons.
    Why would those be missing (especially yellow stand by)?
    Probably something was changed in Power management? What a crazy thought... but I opened Power Management anyway. Everything was left intact as I set it up long time ago. I pressed Ok.

    After that I opened Users Accounts in Control Panel again > "Change the way user log on and off''

    and all of a sudden I noticed that
    Use Fast User Switching -unchecked (correctly) but not grayed out as it became after Framefork 1.1 installation.

    After that I just checked Use the Welcome Screen. Then I restarted and I am back with beloved buttons and no dialogue with empty password... all as it should be ...

    What a mess!

    Now at least I can get back to find out why SP1 of Framework 3.5 messes up with Framework 2 Applications

    My regards

    Friday, September 26, 2008 1:21 PM