Information of Code Snippet for Adding Header RRS feed

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    In this piece of the VB code snippet for adding headers using the SDK, where does this document (docName) name come from, and where does the stream (headerContent) data come from??  Are any of these arbitrary? Being that there is are several documents in the package, I cannot tell which ones are being referenced.


    I originally thought that docName was the name of the main wordml document (this is obviously wrong). Also, I naturally thought that headerContent somehow represented the name of the "footer" resource file.


    Public Sub WDAddHeader(ByVal docName As String, ByVal headerContent As Stream)

    ' Given a document name, and a stream containing valid header content,

    ' add the stream content as a header in the document.



    ---This is very confusing. Also, does this code automatically write the header, or do I need to manually reference it somewhere else in the WordML


    Any clear help would be appreciated. Please try to explain without technical jargon.

    Saturday, January 26, 2008 6:08 AM