Request: Binary Safe Functions & Generalised Networking RRS feed

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  • It seems that the Text and File objects are not binary safe. While this does not inhibit general usage it does prevent users of Small Basic from processing unknown data types and working with arbitrary binary file formats. This would add no additional complexity to the language for the typical user while greatly extending the languages capability (i.e ability to write a routine to save each pixel to a bmp file).

    Also, some generalised Networking routines would also be useful. Maybe Network.Write(host, port, data) and Network.Read(host, port) which could return an array of Host, Port and Data.

    • The Small Basic runtime would need to maintain the connection to the server (on the given port) and provide buffering between commands to simplify the developers' interaction (i.e. avoid network handles as you have done with file handles and file i/o).
    • It would also be nice to allow Network.Read() or equivalent to work for 'localhost' creating a way to create a server (which I why I suggest a comprehensive array return type).

    So, that is my wish list for now.

    Wednesday, November 18, 2009 11:21 PM