Data Abort Exception in windows embedded compact 7 RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    Am getting the below data abort,please help me to debug on this

    Exception 'Data Abort' (0x4): Thread-Id=042f0036(pth=9e870a98), Proc-Id=00400002(pprc=8305e5e0) 'NK.EXE', VM-active=05e50032(pprc=9e8707e8) 'AM_MSP_CommApp.exe'

    PC=80012c8c(NK.EXE+0x00010c8c) RA=90a00000(???+0x90a00000) SP=b08cfa38, BVA=00000000

    Exception 'Raised Exception' (0x116): Thread-Id=042f0036(pth=9e870a98), Proc-Id=00400002(pprc=8305e5e0) 'NK.EXE', VM-active=05e50032(pprc=9e8707e8) 'AM_MSP_CommApp.exe'

     PC=eff3ef38(k.coredll.dll+0x0001ef38) RA=8002d648(kernel.dll+0x0000e648) SP=b08cf140, BVA=ffffffff

    I have gone through below blog

    He suggested to find the module offset from RA but in my case RA=90a00000(???+0x90a00000) like this.

    How do find out which module/function is cause for this data abort?



    Friday, May 8, 2015 1:35 PM

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  • Is AM_MSP_CommApp.exe yours? If so, run it in the debugger and see where the debugger shows the exception when you replicate it. The old stand-by method would, of course, be to log progress through the code to a file,  serial port, etc. and see what the last occurrence in the code was.

    Paul T.

    Friday, May 8, 2015 9:30 PM
  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your reply,I shall check it in debug mode.

    AM_MSP_CommApp application is mine only and it is a simple application calls IOCTls in my stream interface driver continuously in while loop.

    In my driver IOCTL,am doing the I2C read operation.

    Data abort happens after 5 hours of continuous test.



    Saturday, May 9, 2015 7:18 AM
  • It's likely that the driver is responsible for the crash. If that's the case, you'll need the kernel debugger and at least a DEBUG build of the driver and the application, yes.

    Paul T.

    Monday, May 11, 2015 7:53 PM