“Row not found or changed” error from DataContext.SubmitChanges() after updating value on custom-built tables for Microsoft Access '97


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    Another dreaded "Row not found or changed" exception. 
    We're trying to update an existing entry in a table by changing one column's value.  The tables we have are specified in code section (1).  I'm getting to an instance of the `Document` Table through the code specified in code section (2) but that's where I hit an exception.

    Here are the things I have tried to resolve the issue: 
    i. tried marking every Column (in both Document and Folder) as `UpdateCheck=UpdateCheck.Never`, As well as tweaking with `CanBeNull`

    ii. tried to resolve changes after `SubmitChanges` call in part two using both `ChangeConflict.Resolve(RefreshMode.KeepChanges)` and `DataContext.Refresh(conflict, RefreshMode.KeepChanges)` on the `myContext.ChangeConflicts` set, and then do a re-`SubmitChanges`

    iii. tried disabling the EntityRef<Folder> in `Document`

    iv.  tried re-adding the `Document` table entry -- this failed because the entry does indeed exist

    Is there anything I can do short of deleting the entry from the Document table, and then re-adding it?  I'm not even sure that will work.

    Thanks for your help.


    [Table(Name = "Document")]        
    public class Document        
      [Column(Name="Folder_ID", IsPrimaryKey = true)]          
      public int Folder_ID;              
      private EntityRef<Folder> folder;             
      [Association(Storage = "folder", ThisKey = "Folder_ID", OtherKey = "Folder_ID")]          
      public Folder Folder          
      get { return folder.Entity; }              
      set { folder.Entity = value; }          
      public int Document_ID;          
      [Column(IsPrimaryKey = true)]          
      public int Image_ID;          
      public string ImageName;          
      public string ReasonForRejection;      
    [Table(Name = "Folder")]      
    public class Folder        
      [Column(Name = "Folder_ID", IsPrimaryKey = true)]          
      public int Folder_ID;          
      [Column(Name = "FolderName")]          
      public string FolderName;        


    public void MarkRejectReasonForImageID(int id, string rejReason, string dbPath)     
      // Create DataContext for MS Access '97 DB        
      DataContext myContext = new DataContext(new OleDBConnection(CreateJET4_OleDBConnectionString(dbPath));         
      // Add load options so that Folder entity is attached         
      DataLoadOptions loadOptions = new DataLoadOptions();        
      loadOptions.LoadWith<Document>(d => d.Folder);        
      myContext.LoadOptions = loadOptions;        
      // Make sure ObjectTracking is turned on        
      myContext.ObjectTrackingEnabled = true;        
      // Get Document from context matching input id        
      Document doc = myContext.GetTable<Document>().Where(d => d.Image_ID == id).ToList().FirstOrDefault();      
      if(doc!=null) {        
        // Mark matching reject reason on document        
        doc.ReasonForRejection = rejReason;        
        // Resubmit table changes        
        myContext.SubmitChanges(); // <-- "Runtime Exception: Row not found or changed."              

    Wednesday, May 3, 2017 1:58 AM

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  • You must be using a third party provider for MS-Access for Entity Framework as Entity Framework does not natively support any version of MS-Access. If this is the case you should be asking the owner of the provider.

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