VS 2015 Mobile Emulator 10 "OS is starting..." Error


  • Hey,

    I can't get the Mobile Emulator 10 from VS 2015 to work. I'm developing an App an try to test it with the emulator. The "mobile" phone comes up and says "OS is starting" like forever.

    My System:

    • Edition: Windows 10 Pro
    • Version: 1511
    • OS Build: 10586.104
    • 64-bit
    • 12 GB RAM

    I'm developing with Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 Version 14.0.24720.00 Update 1.

    I'm really tired of searching. Found a few links which pointed me to Hyper V but nothing concrete yet. Can anybody help? Did anyone had the same issue?

    Cheers Nico

    Saturday, February 20, 2016 5:48 PM