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  • I am trying to add a ODBC Paradox database to a C# winforms application as a datasource the datasource wizard returns an error occured while retieving the information from the database Selecting  Objects of type 'Procedure' is not supported.


    I thought this meant that the column name in one of the tables "Procedure" was not supported, but that is not the case. I removed all the database tables from the folder the connection string points to except one and that table doesn't contain a column named "Procedure and I still get the error. So I took it one step farther and then simply emptied the folder of all tables. I got the same error with an empty folder. I am getting the error with both the microsoft paradox drivers.


    The strange thing is that I can connect the database in the Server Explorer in Orcas with no trouble and can view tables and data.


    Any Idea when this may be fixed in the 2008 version?


    Is this happening because of something to do with MSVS 2005? Should I uninstall 2005?


    My system is running Vista with msvs 2005 and msvs orcas installed.


    Thanks Jon Stroh

    Thursday, September 27, 2007 3:18 AM

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  • I observe exactly the same behavior.  Server explorer is fine.  In fact, I copied a schema (.xsd) which uses the same ODBC connection string to my project as a new data source, and was then able to use the designer to add tables from my ODBC source.  So I have a workaround, but it is clearly not suitable.  I suspected a problem with the QB ODBC driver, but if you have the same prob w/ Paradox that is not it.  Running XP with VS2008 Beta 2.


    Friday, September 28, 2007 10:27 PM
  • I have a different problem I needed to add another table from the dataset. The xsd designer won't accept any new drag and droped tables. "Error Optional Paradox feature not implemented" from the dataset.xsd file. So I just opened the same project before conversion to msvs 2008 beta2 in MSVS 2005 and added the new Table (Drag N Drop) and configured the key fields as i needed them to be and saved the changes to the dataset. Then closed both msvs versions and copied the all dataset.* files from the 2005 project file and overwrote the all dataset.* files in the 2008 project file. This seemed to work as it even added the New TableAdapter to the project and the .FindBy method as well. How ever I don't think this would work for the MobileCe datbases as the xsd file needs to begenerated for the 3.5 version.


    Like Hank I don't think either of these are suitable workarounds.

    Sunday, September 30, 2007 8:01 PM

    You don't need to add an ODBC connection if your building an Office project.  When you create a project you will see three classes generated:  Sheet1.cs, Sheet2.cs, and Sheet3.cs.  Inside these classes there is a Sheet_Startup function where you add your code.  Then access the data using this.Rows[...].


    Hope that helps.

    Sunday, November 4, 2007 12:40 AM