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    Welcome to The CROWN where global issues are extensively discussed and fiercely debated from both sides of the argument — by one person.


     The Writer

    Nolan is a great enthusiast of international relations, rooting from his extensive exposure in global journalism. He believes that instead of the limited context, and sometimes just plain hostile views, presented by the popular news providers, it is more important to understand the underlying management issues by knowing the whole story or presenting both sides of the story.

    Everything written on this site (reports, opinions, analysis and all) is from Nolan and shows how he perceives the world situation these days. Pertinent and timely issues range from environment, politics, economy and pretty much everything that has to do with diplomatic relations.


    The Backstory

    Nolan started writing his opinions on timely issues in a journal that gradually turned into newspaper contributions. It was then he decided    that nothing could be better than having his own website where he is free to fool around express his self-declared intellectual opinion pieces to his heart’s content. Armed with his frustration of the mainstream media voice, Nolan took it into his head to make his own venue for discussing not only the hot topics but also the more relevant but eclipsed-in-mainstream-media news. (One of these days he might actually get the pressure to write a more detailed and eloquent history of how this site came to be. But until then, suit yourself with this summary.)



    His inclination in sharing his insights and analysis of global concerns is what strongly motivated him in creating The CROWN — aside from the fact that he wants to correct the misrepresentation and bias done by mainstream media on a regular basis.

    Tuesday, February 5, 2013 4:18 AM