Unable to finish WPT xbootmgr prep (Infinite preparing system on 2nd stage) RRS feed

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    I am using Windows 8.1.

    And i want to use xbootmgr to optimize reboot process.

    But for some reason, it's getting stuck on "Preparing system...".

    [2014/09/23-00:32:00.051] Performance Analyzer Power Transition Performance Testing Utility (Microsoft® Windows® Performance Analyzer) Version 6.3.9600 - © 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
    [2014/09/23-00:32:00.056] Detected Win8 physical (ReadyBoot) prefetcher; the SysMain service is auto-started.
    [2014/09/23-00:32:00.081] Stopping trace...
    [2014/09/23-00:32:05.537] Stopped kernel logger.
    [2014/09/23-00:32:05.732] Stopped user-mode logger.
    [2014/09/23-00:32:05.737] The trace you are capturing "C:\Users\Yuna\bootPrep_BASE+CSWITCH_2.etl" may contain personally identifiable information, including but not necessarily limited to paths to files accessed, paths to registry accessed and process names. Exact information depends on the events that were logged. Please be aware of this when sharing out this trace with other people.
    [2014/09/23-00:32:56.505] Merged ETL file to 'C:\Users\Yuna\bootPrep_BASE+CSWITCH_2.etl'
    [2014/09/23-00:32:56.535] Waiting for prefetcher...
    [2014/09/23-00:32:56.535] Requesting Win8 ReadyBoot boot plan recalculation...
    [2014/09/23-00:33:07.172] Completed Win8 ReadyBoot boot plan recalculation.
    [2014/09/23-00:33:07.172] Saving prefetcher data...
    [2014/09/23-00:33:07.222] Failed to save prefetcher data (C:\WINDOWS\prefetch\layout.ini) in cab archive (stage 1, error 0)
    [2014/09/23-00:33:10.647] Saved prefetcher data from C:\WINDOWS\prefetch\ReadyBoot\*.* in cab archive.
    [2014/09/23-00:33:10.667] Saved prefetcher data from C:\WINDOWS\prefetch\AgCx*.db in cab archive.
    [2014/09/23-00:33:10.892] Saved prefetcher data from C:\Users\Yuna\bootPrep_BASE+CSWITCH_2.ppf.newPlan in cab archive
    [2014/09/23-00:33:10.897] Preparing system...
    [2014/09/23-00:33:10.897] Launching attempt #1 to defragment disk...

    And that's it. but layout.ini is re-created, i tried to do stuff from this thread:


    Standard defrag tool working.

    Xbootmgr WAS working couple months ago, no "optimizers" and other stuff was used.

    Maybe i can try something else?

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