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        When creating a Sharepoint Web application, I always use the DefaultAppPool name because
    it runs under the security credential of Network Service.

        But I wonder how many Web applications can run under DefaultAppPool and is there a reason
    is there a reason I should create an Application Pool name sometime?

        Thank you

    Thursday, October 27, 2011 3:36 PM


  • Choosing an Existing Application Pool name means running everything in the same application pool.  That isn't automatically a bad thing.  But there are reasons to use seperate app pools.

    1. To make sure a Web app continues to run even if a web site in a different app pool crashes.  For example, you might want to run MySites in a seperate app pool to isolate them from the app pool running your main collaborative sites.
    2. To run the App Pool under a different Identity context.  When using RunWithElevatedPriveledges the code impersonates the App Pool Identity.  This is one way to allow users to access databases that they wouldn't normally have access to.  But since this app pool identity has more rights than normal I might not want to use it for all my web applications.
    3. To isolate memory intensive processes used on some web sites.  Each App Pool gets its own memory space to run in.  So dedicating an app pool to a process that uses a lot of RAM can be beneficial

    There are other reasons, but those are some of the primary ones.  Just don't go overboard in the other direction.  Each new Application Pool requires a certain amount of overhead.  Setting up too many app pools, especially on a 32 bit server, can be a very bad thing.  Its a balancing act.  Enough app pools to do the job, but not too many.

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