Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.Analytics nuget download not found


  • Please forward to the right forum if this is not correct.

    While following through the exercise in Azure DataLake Analytics to create sample U-SQL application in

    it asks for these libraries for

    Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.Analytics -Pre

    Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.Store -Pre

    Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.StoreUploader -Pre

    They are not found, do they exist with another names/libraries?


    keithlim ( )

    Tuesday, June 14, 2016 10:03 PM

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  • Hi Keith, sorry for the delay, I just tried reproducing the problem and I'm able to install the packages successfully. Can you please advise on what version of Visual Studio you were running and paste the error message.

    The message you should be seeing is below

    PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.Analytics -Pre
    Installing NuGet package Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.Analytics.0.11.6-preview.
    Successfully installed 'Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.Analytics 0.11.6-preview' to ConsoleApp1
    PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.Store -Pre
    Installing NuGet package Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.Store.0.12.4-preview.
    Successfully installed 'Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.Store 0.12.4-preview' to ConsoleApp1
    PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.StoreUploader -Pre
    Installing NuGet package Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.StoreUploader.0.10.4-preview.
    Successfully installed 'Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataLake.StoreUploader 0.10.4-preview' to ConsoleApp1

    Monday, July 11, 2016 7:48 PM