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  • Hi

    Could you advise the steps or which approach to achieve the captioned ..

    We have a file server with file size around 3.5TB , file count  6,000,000, folder count 400,000 

    What should I subscript from Azure to serves as a off site backup. I might come up some scripts to do the incremental backup weekly !


    Friday, April 1, 2016 9:58 AM

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  • Greetings!

    Thank you for posting here, I’m glad to assist you!

    You may wish to use the Azure File storage service for your scenario.

    Azure File storage is a service that offers file shares in the cloud using the standard Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol. Both SMB 2.1 and SMB 3.0 are supported. With Azure File storage, you can migrate legacy applications that rely on file shares to Azure quickly and without costly rewrites. Applications running in Azure virtual machines or cloud services or from on-premises clients can mount a file share in the cloud, just as a desktop application mounts a typical SMB share. Any number of application components can then mount and access the File storage share simultaneously.

    Share: A File storage share is an SMB file share in Azure. All directories and files must be created in a parent share. An account can contain an unlimited number of shares, and a share can store an unlimited number of files, up to the 5 TB total capacity of the file share.

    For more information on Azure File storage service, please check the links below:

    Get started with Azure File storage on Windows

    Step-By-Step: Creating a File Share in Azure


    Saturday, April 2, 2016 8:40 AM
  • Hi

    Thanks for your info.

    Indeed, we have total 4 main company in HK and 4 in China (total storage size is around 30TB in total)

    We have already subscribed a O365 account MyCompany.onMicrosoft.com and I want to group all the future service subscriptions under this account.

    However, File storage has a top limit with 5TB, so it is not suit our case ?

    What about Microsoft BLOB Storage... ?!


    Tuesday, April 5, 2016 4:05 AM
  • Hello,

    My apologies for the delayed response!

    You may create multiple storage accounts under your subscription and each of them can have a 5TB File Share.

    Storage accounts per subscription  is 100

    TB per storage account                  is 500 TB

    Max number of file shares per storage account, only limit is the 500 TB storage account capacity.

    #If you require more than 100 storage accounts, make a request through Azure Support. The Azure Storage team will review your business case. If they approve, they will allow you to have up to 250 storage accounts.

    Max number of blob containers, blobs, file shares, tables, queues, entities, or   messages per storage account

    =Only limit is the 500 TB storage account capacity

    For more information on File Share and Blob limits, please check the links below




    Thursday, April 14, 2016 4:24 PM