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  • I have a VX900 VIA Chrome9 HD IGP video chipset and cloning the image with sysprep.  Unit has dual DVI and only one port will except DVI to VGA convertor.  Sysprep works fine when using single or dual DVI.  I am using an answer file while using sysprep.  When you use one port and use an analog monitor (using DVI to VGA convertor) all sysprep screens do not show and depending on the VGA monitor it may load the extended display.  Sysprep will show screens up to updating registry settings and then the monitor goes black.  You will see the reboot after one phase of sysprep and then see starting windows and then black.  The monitor is on and not off.  If I press enter for screens I do not see it will load an extended display and I can right click choose screen resolution and couple the displays and all is fine.  The enter that I press twice is part of finishing sysprep.  First question is what pc name you want and the second question is time zone.

    More information.  I am using the latest driver supplied by Via.  If you cannot the unit with one monitor and using the DVI to VGA convertor it shows two monitors.  One is the correct monitor and the other is the S3FakeCRT.  You have to duplicate the displays and then it shows the desktop correct.  However, when you sysprep the unit and I am using an unattend answer file if you run it on the same monitor or DVI eveything is fine.  If you plug in a different VGA monitor using the convertor it does what I mentioned above.  It looks like WES 7 is finding the new monitor and not coupling it with the S3FakeCRT and trying to load it just on that one.

    Has anyone ever run across this?  Can I do anything in the answer file to make it extend both displays it finds even though there is only one monitor hooked up with the DVI to VGA convertor?  Do I need to write some program or batch file to force it?

    Again, if I sysprep the image on the monitor using the DVI to VGA convertor it works fine.  DVI works fine and that only sees one monitor not two in WES 7.  It is when a different VGA monitor that the image has not seen before (DVI to VGA convertor) I have issues.

    There is a wide variety of VGA monitors out there and I have no idea what the end users are using.  Need to be able to cover every possible monitor out there that is VGA.


    Debbie Baldassini

    Tuesday, March 1, 2011 6:33 PM

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  • Update to any who might have this issue.  VIA has come out with a BIOS update that fixes this issue


    Debbie Baldassini
    Thursday, May 12, 2011 8:53 PM