Where do I find information/documentation regarding HResults from Office Word Automation RRS feed

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  • Hello,


    The following Hresults seem undocumented:

    0x800A13E9 :Description in dutch: Er is een probleem opgetreden.

    0x800A1066 :Description: Command failed

    0x800A1460 :Description: There is a printer error

    0x800A1414 :Description: Word cannot print. There is no printer installed.


    We get this errors using Word 2007 Automation.

    Errors 0x800A13E9 and 0x800A1066 are received when we use Method Word Application.Documents.Open


    We do not know why we get these errors for some users. Other users on the same server can do exactly the same without an error.


    Error 0x800A1460 is issued when we try to Set Word Application.ActivePrinter to a none existing printer.


    Error 0x800A1414 is issued when we try Method Word Document.PrintOut and a printer is not set.


    All these errors are Severe and from FACILITY_CONTROL.


    But where are these HResults and FACILITY_CONTROL documented?

    Except that FACILITY_CONTROL is 10 (0xA) in HResult it is unclear to me what Facility Control is. Is it part of Word, the OS or ...?


    I did find in Olectl.h (from the Windows 7 SDK) the macro #define STD_CTL_SCODE(n) MAKE_SCODE(SEVERITY_ERROR, FACILITY_CONTROL, n)

    But I did not find where above mentioned HResults are defined.

    I would like to know where they are documented in order to have a starting point for any future HResults we might encounter.



    Meis Wietze Lammers
    Thursday, July 28, 2011 8:21 AM

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  • Hi Meis.

    Thanks for your post.

    Have you read this blog about HResult?

    It seems that each control can define their own errors...

    Best Regards, Calvin Gao [MSFT]
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    Friday, July 29, 2011 6:35 PM
  • Hello Calvin Gao,

    I have read this blog now. Thank you for pointing me to it.

    Quete from the Blog from Eric Lippert: "All the errors generated by the script engines -- syntax errors, for example -- are FACILITY_CONTROL, and the error numbers vary between script engines.  VB also uses FACILITY_CONTROL, but fortunately VBScript assigns the same meanings to the errors as VB does.  But in general, if you get a FACILITY_CONTROL error you need to know what control generated the error -- VBScript, JScript, a third party control, what?  Because each control can define their own errors, and there may be collisions."

    So FACILITY_CONTROL are errors from: VB, VBScript, JScript, third party controls. I assume that OLE automation servers like Word also report errors as FACILITY_CONTROL.

    Since all these errors are defined by Microsoft, it is unlikely that there is a collision. The same error codes are reused where possible. When reused they have the same meaning. For example look at the errors for JScript and VBScript.

    It is not difficult to find the JScript Run-time Errors or the VBScript Run-time Errors:

    It looks like I need to search for a list of Run-time Errors that can be produced by the language in which the OLE automation server for Word was written.

    Any pointers for such a list? I suppose C++?


    Kind Regards, Meis Wietze Lammers

    Monday, August 1, 2011 1:12 PM