Jquery Ajax POST Request to simple .asmx webserice gets Aborted on IE 8+ RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    We have been working on a project for few months now, and we have hit a problem with the ajax request to the ASMX webserive. The Issue exists only on IE and not on Firefox or Chrome.

    Below is the scenario:

    We have 4 webservices. WS1,WS2,WS3 and WS4.

    WS1 and WS2 resides on Page

    WS3 and WS4 resides on popup which is inside an iFrame

    first, we open a popup in a iframe , then on button click we call the WS1(); and on its success we call another webservice WS2(); Then we call the WS3 using parent.WS3(); and on its success we call the WS4();

    The issue occures when we call the parent.WS3(); that the webservice gets aborted without any reason.

    What we Tried:

    With out any popups , we have a blank page and its calls WS1(); and on its success we then call the WS2(); and this time the error occurs on the WS2(); with a status code : 12019 when checked using the watch of that request.

    All request are POST request, and there is a setting on the IIS Application Pool recycling area. when we recycle the App pool for every request.

    No Of worker process = 1

    Request Limit = 1

    We are trying to clear the app pool after each request gets completed. If the request limit is the issue then can anyone lets us know how its works on Firefox and chrome without having any issue.

    What is the difference between IE & Other browsers on handling the Ajax request  on the network stack Level. 

    When we tried to use fiddler to debug the see the details, then the issue does not occur again and when we close the fiddler, the error pops up again.

    Again , there is another thing to consider, this is not reproducible on localhost, it happens only when hosted on a domain.

    like www.xyzitem.com

    Attached screenshot will explain it more. Please have a look at it.

    We need this issue to be resolved ASAP. can someone reply it soon.



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