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  • I’ve application software developed in C++ which generates MS word document using OLE automation. It works well for all pre - MS Office Word 2010 version but with MS Office 2010, winword.exe consumes huge memory compare to previous MS office Word versions.


    While generating Word document, Word 2010 instance (winword.exe) consumes large memory and reaches to physical memory limit; later on Word becomes unstable and OLE method starts failing. The same thing works flawlessly with earlier version of MS Word. In case of Office 2010, memory consumption by winword.exe continuously increases while previous version it gets stable at some point; memory consumption by my software remain same in both the cases.


    In my implementation I am using clipboard for data exchange, copying RTF text to clipboard and pasting it to word. I do query for styles and fonts supported by Word and apply few formatting to text copied in Word 2010 document. I am using trial version of Office 2010.


    Is this something known high memory usage problem? Am I missing something here or I need to have specific implementation for Office 2010? Please suggest.




    Monday, March 21, 2011 9:02 AM


  • Hello P_Mehul,

    You said that you're using the 'trial version of Office 2010'.  That does not sound like the correct name.

    For information about the avalable versions of Office 201 please refer to :
    - Try Office 2010 - Microsoft Office 

    To troubleshoot high memory utilization look at the Blog at:
    - Troubleshooting High CPU Utilization

    For information about the changes between versions of Office recorded in MSDN
    Word 2010
    Object Model Changes Since Earlier Versions

    Having said all that, you needn't have specific implementation of your application to automate Word 2010. Judging from your original post, above, it seems like all of the functional steps of your existing application are working.

    If you comment-out functional portions of your application, then recompile and test do you see any changes in the memory usage?
    Are you running on the same versions of Windows as you do with Office 2007?
    Office 2010 is more persnickety about releasing COM objects, so you may need to examine your code to assure that you have released any object you have declared and initiated.
    Once you have done all the standard troubleshooting, if the problem persists, because of its complexity your question falls into the paid support category which requires a more in-depth level of support. You need to be ready to provide the Microsoft Support Engineer a way of reproducing the issue on his or her lab machine where they will configure the Operating System and the version of Office to match that you are using, and enough of your code to reproduce the issue. If the support engineer determines that the issue is the result of a bug the service request will be a no-charge case and you won't be charged. Please visit the below link to see the various paid support options that are available to better meet your needs.;en-us;offerprophone

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