Data access based on membership RRS feed

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  • I'm porting an old Access DB to lightswitch. The current Access DB is used by a small number of clients, and we basically give them a copy of the project and then help them get their data into the database. As they have their own copy of the database, with only their data, it's pretty straight forward.

    We're looking at moving this to lightswitch so that we can make it more widely available and accessible. But obviously, being a central database with multiple users needing to access only their own data, we have to introduce member based security. I'm familiar with the ASP.net membership model, but this project is far more datacentric than others that I've been involved with.

    We only want users accessing their own data when they log into the system. For example, if we had widgets table, we only want users to be able to see a list of their widgets, not anyone else's. We can limit access by introducing user id columns to all of the tables/entities, and filtering each table based on which user is logged in, but this seems like a fairly manual process, particularly if you have a large number of tables/entities.

    Just wondering if lightswitch has some kind of built-in mechanism for filtering data based on the current user?

    Monday, September 9, 2013 1:56 AM