EF 5.0 with multiple databases - MySql and SqlLite, Database-First RRS feed

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  • Hello, me and my friends are making windows 8 store app and we run into some difficulties..

    Goal we're trying to achieve: to save user specific data to local SqlLite while my app is in offline mode and sync this data with MySQL from time to time when user goes online.

    I've created tables in MySQL database, and using database first, generated entities using Entity Framework 5

    I'm guessing next step is to generate SqlLite DB from reverse engineered model.. (model-first approach) - this is one of challenges, any info how to do model-first on SqlLite would be helpful ;).

    Second challenge and, in my opinion most difficult, and is the main reason I'm writing this question: HOW TO DO THE SYNC LOGIC?! - I really have no Idea, any help would be appreciated.

    So, any suggestions on this - are we on the right path? Some example code may help too ;) 

    Thank you for your answers in advance! :)

    Sunday, April 7, 2013 10:25 AM