Problem Steps Recorder misses some steps


  • I have been using the PSR tool (Problem Steps Recorder) for some time and came across a problem having certain steps not being recorded (or added). The application I record is a WinForm executable, having both standard controls (.NET Controls) but also some custom written ones. The problem seems to be with the custom controls, like a custom drawn pushbutton, that is not being recorded and added to the list of steps. The "UI grabber" seems to register the click I make on the button but it will never add its screenshot/comment to the list. Therefore, I believe there must be some kind of API my custom Control do not implement and/or that the current implementation is somehow incorrect, excluding the proper event from being fired or handled properly.


    Can anyone give me a hint on where I can find a solution for this? Is there are guide on what to think of when programming a custom Control, being "recordable" as all other controls?

    Thanks in advance


    Monday, October 07, 2013 8:16 AM