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  • On these forums I can see some people that are clearly very skilled with computer programming and cmputer knowledge in general. I've been wondering how you guys got all this knowledge, with college or just on the go, picking bits and pieces everywhere on the net... 

    Can you guys share some sites or name some good books on programming? if you used any book on programming problems, possibly with solutions, or any site with problems to work on, like Project Euler (bad thing about euler is that we cant see the solutions without asking for help to some of the users), please share here... I'd really like to become a good programmer, but its being kinda hard to do it on my own, since I've only here and you guys to ask help from... 

    I'm sorry for asking this sort of thing, i dont know if its a pain to read or not, but im running out of options.. 

    Monday, September 24, 2012 11:21 PM


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