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  • Hi All,

    PID:03EF0016 TID:03F40016 Exception 'Data Abort' (0x4): Thread-Id=03f40016(pth=c0466638), Proc-Id=03ef0016(pprc=c0452358) 'tux.exe', VM-active=03ef0016(pprc=c0452358) 'tux.exe'
    PID:03EF0016 TID:03F40016 PC=400c61f5(msvcrt.dll+0x000461f5) RA=00000007(???+0x00000007) SP=0003df28, BVA=00007530
    PID:03EF0016 TID:03F40016 DEBUG: ShellProc(SPM_EXCEPTION, ...) called
    PID:03EF0016 TID:03F40016       Exception occurred!

    This is from c++ run-time library. I want more solution to fix this exception 




    Tuesday, October 16, 2018 12:27 PM


  • Which test are you running? Again; all CETK test sources are available to you. Step-debug to find the cause of the exception. Also note that several tests raise an exception on purpose!

    And again again again we tell you to read this before you post a question.

    Good luck,

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