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  • Hi All,

    I am writing an application that uses FTDI USB to Com port to talk to a board using a virtual com port. In making an installer for this application I feel I ought to check for a driver for the virtual com port, however this is not as simple as I was hoping as I need to check for the FTDI driver being installed.  I really don't want to include the driver as part of the install in-case  a later version is required for some other use and can be used to provide the features I need. In doing this I written a piece of test code using the below method


       ServiceController[] scDevices = ServiceController.GetDevices();

      foreach (ServiceController scTemp in scDevices)
                    lstDrivers.Items.Add(scTemp.ServiceType + "," + scTemp.ServiceName + "," + scTemp.DisplayName);

    This will list all of the driver in a list box, from here I can see a driver called 

    KernelDriver,FTDIBUS,USB Serial Converter Driver.  I need to know more details about the version of this driver than would appear possible from the intellisense. Is this the correct way of finding the driver & driver version, or am I completely off again?




    Tuesday, July 3, 2012 10:19 AM