BizTalk fails to disable receive locations(polling Oracle DB) automatically in case the of target Oracle server is down RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    I am using BizTalk 2016, and in one of the application BizTalk polls the records from Oracle server. Recently there was unplanned outage of Oracle servers in PROD and during this Outage BizTalk unable to get the connections to Oracle servers. During this time there were some warnings (only for first 10 min) captured in the event log but receive location didn't got disabled. The warning captured as 

    The adapter "WCF-Custom" raised an error message. Details "The faulted WCF service host at address "oracledb://oracle_Ser:1521/XYZDB/XX?PollingId=SomePollingId" could not be restarted, and as a result no messages can be received on the corresponding receive location. BizTalk Server will continue trying to start the service host until it succeeds or the receive location is disabled.

    To fix the problem, you may choose to:

    1. Use the error information given to fix the problem.

    2. Restart the receive location.

    3. Keep waiting for BizTalk to recycle the service host. Another event will notify if the service host is successfully started.

    Apart from this, when Oracle server became available, The connectivity between Oracle and BizTalk never got established automatically and receive locations being enabled but not polling the records. To get the connectivity back all the Host instance has been restarted after one and half day having loss of real time application processing. 

    I tried to reproduce the scenario in lower environment with multiple test as below

    1. The receive location is getting disabled if the connection string (URI) specified in the adapter configuration is incorrect.

    2. The receive location is getting disabled if the credentials provided in the adapter configuration are incorrect. 

    3. The receive location is NOT  getting disabled, in case Oracle server made down forcefully. In this case only couple of warning messages captured in event log with event source as BizTalk and event ID as 5740. 

    My query for this issues are,

    1. Why receive location not got disabled in this case?

    2. How to handle such cases to identify the issue ASAP, BizTalk 360 also not trigger any alert because alert configured to notify in case the receive location is not in Expected state that is enabled. 



    Tuesday, October 16, 2018 5:29 AM

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  • Hi Manish

    I remember seeing something similar sometime back, do you have the latest CU for the adapter pack?

    The error event you saw is due to the WCF ServiceHost getting recycled - this is the expected behavior if connectivity to LOB system fails. However, the concern is why did this behavior not continue until Oracle came back up. You can collect WCF Oracle traces to confirm what is happening.

    If the latest CU is in place, you may also open a support case with Microsoft.

    Thanks Arindam

    Thursday, October 18, 2018 9:15 AM
  • Thanks Arindam,

    On servers, The last updated CU #3 has been installed on servers whereas I can see that Microsoft has CU#4 available for BizTalk 2016. 

    As this happened once in PROD, just trying to reproduce the same on lower environment and collect more information. 

    Could you please add or share something more about capturing WCF logs and traces? 



    Monday, October 29, 2018 5:54 AM