My hotmail account has been hacked for the 2nd time... Please help!! RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    My hotmail username has been hacked for the second time. The first time I noticed this incident was on my Windows Live Messenger. During the last week of June, a contact from my messenger list asked me why I sent her an offline message spamming a shady website. I logged into my hotmail inbox and saw "delivery notification" messages regarding failed sent messages which I personally did not send. I changed my password to a new one and things seemed to get better.

    On July 25th, I attempted to log into my hotmail account, but it said the username and password were incorrect. I didn't forget my password so I know my account was hacked and the password was changed. I tried to use the "Send password to alternate e-mail address" but the only email it would send to was the one that was hacked. I also tried to answer the security questions, but I could not remember the answer. (I've had this account for close to 5 years)

    My hacked email address is the same as my username on here: iron_bull666@hotmail.com

    For security questions, I can answer the following:

    My last two passwords I used for this account.

    Purchases I've made from online companies

    A created folder from my hotmail account

    The state I currently reside in

    And almost anything else that can help get my account back.

    My alternate email address where I can be reached at is: john_mchls@hotmail.com   I would greatly appreciate it if you can help restore my account back to me.

    Thank you.


    Monday, July 26, 2010 6:13 AM