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  • Hello,

    I encountered an issue when trying to use SUMMARIZE to get the sum.

    Model was simplified as the followings:

    1) Three tables: CalculatedTable 1, CalculatedTable 2, ContractDate. Kindly note that the date format was DD/MM/YYYY.

    CalculatedTable 1:

    Row1   Row2   Row3

    A         1         1/1/2018

    A         2         1/2/2018

    B         3         2/1/2018

    B         4         2/2/2018

    CalculatedTable 2:

    Row1   Datetest

    A         1/1/2017

    B         1/2/2017

    ContractDate: this is the date table.

    2. Relationships:

       CaculatedTable 1 [Row1]  *:1 CalculatedTable 2[Row1]

       CalculatedTable 2 [Datetest]  *:1  ContractDate [Datekey]

    3. Measure:

    TEST S :=
    CALCULATE( SUMX( SUMMARIZE( 'CalculatedTable 1',
           'CalculatedTable 1'[Row1],
             SUMX( FILTER( 'CalculatedTable 1',
                          'CalculatedTable 1'[Row3] >= MIN( ContractDate[FullDate])
                            && 'CalculatedTable 1'[Row3] <= MAX(ContractDate[FullDate])),
           'CalculatedTable 1'[Row2]),
             SUMX( FILTER( 'CalculatedTable 1',
                       'CalculatedTable 1'[Row3] > MAX( ContractDate[FullDate])),
                                      'CalculatedTable 1'[Row2])),
       [SUM1] - [SUM2]),  
            ALLEXCEPT('CalculatedTable 1', 'CalculatedTable 1'[Row1]))

    Expected Result:

    When selecting the month from the slicer,  it returns the sum of the value in CalculatedTable 1 for the rows which satisfy the conditions in the measure.

    e.g. When I select 2018-01,

    Row Labels   TEST S

    A                  -1 

    B                  -1

    Current Result:

    Unexpected values were returned.

    Row Labels   TEST S

    A                  -3

    B                  -7

    Current Finding:

    The issue seems to be related to the relationship between CalculatedTable 2 and ContractDate. When the relationship was removed, the result was correct.

    However, the relationship cannot be removed from the real data model.

    I would like to seek for your help to understand:

    1. why the relationship affected the result .

    2. if there is a way to resolve it.

    Hope the information above is clear enough. I am sorry that I cannot uploaded screenshots for my account hasn't been verified yet.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • This thread can be closed. Already found a workaround.

    Friday, June 15, 2018 8:33 AM
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    Thank you for the update

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    Thanks for understanding.



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  • Hi Rhea.L,

    Thanks for your question.

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