How can I interpret Error Event ID 7 log (bad block)? RRS feed

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    I am developing file handling application on hard disk; simply file read and write, etc. But there happened a Data Error, ERROR Code 23 (Error CRC), and a bad block Event ID 7. I, however, read it already in the msdn. But it didn't give any clue about the problems.



    The operating system cannot read or write the data correctly.

    User Action:

    If the error occurred on a hard disk, retry the command. If the error occurs again, try running some disk utilities to correct the problem. 


    So, what does it mean when os cannot read or write "correctly?" Does OS carry the CRC on the disk and think as incorrect when the CRCs are different? Or where is the CRC stored? 

    Secondly, I received an event log id 7, it is like the following.

    0000: 00680003 00b80001 00000000 c0040007
    0010: 00000100 c000009c 00000000 00000000
    0020: 09575000 00000000 00015faf 00000000
    0030: ffffffff 00000001 c4000040 00000002

    I think it shows some clues about why OS see the device as a bad block, but I can't find out any description which explains the code. 

    The above link is for tape device, but not for hard disk. 

    So, where can I find the error code explanation?


    Thursday, January 6, 2011 7:26 AM