Can't Create File Share in Classic Storage


  • From @CoachScrapper via Twitter

    I'm having issues creating a new File Share on a Classic Storage Device. It's a Standard-RAGRS.

    New Blobs, Tables, and Queues work fine. It's just new file shares

    When I open the file share window to create new share, the dots at the top keep spinning and spinning

    When I click +File Share I type a name and it searches and searches and never finds a name.

    If I try and click anywhere on the naming section, it freezes and I can't enter anything and it will stay that way for 30+ minutes and not do anything

    Started one storage account earlier today around 3PM pst. Deleted and recreated around 9pm tonight and still doing it with second attempt.

    Only happening on Classic



    Friday, March 25, 2016 5:49 AM


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