Expression Blend 3 bug erases my .vbproj file? ("The solution contains a project file or folder that could not be found...") RRS feed

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  • I have run into the following situation (which I presume to be a bug) a couple of times while working in Expression Blend 3.

    After working on a file for a while, eventually I hit some sort of error when I go to save it.  (I haven't recorded the content of the error, unfortunately).  Closing down the Blend app and restarting results in my project no longer being able to be opened.  I'm presented with the following error:

         The solution contains a project or folder that could not be found: "C:\[my directory structure]\[my filename].vbproj"

    I certainly did not delete the file on my own, and a thorough search of my computer cannot find this file.  I am able to recover what I think may be a portion of the deleted content from the recycle bin, but this is solely a [my filename].vbproj.FileListAbsolute.txt file which fits in the [my directory structure]\obj\Debug directory.  Recovering this file alone does not enable me to re-open my project.

    After spending many many hours on a project, it is both disappointing and highly alarming to face the possiblity of losing everything due to a bug.

    Have cases like this been documented before?

    Are there any ways to re-build the missing .vbproj file?

    Thanks for your help,

    : )
    Tuesday, January 19, 2010 3:14 AM