How can I create a list column for a long numerical value such as a bank routing number or account number RRS feed

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  • I am creating a site which is more or less a log of scanned checks.  I need the scan date, scanned picture path (hyperlink), Check number, Routing number, and account number.  When I create the column for anyof these number columns, it populates with comma's.  If I change the field type to text, it changes the large values to hex.  Is there an easy solution?  I cannot imagine this to be difficult.  But I'm not finding any answers.
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  • I'd try making it a text field.

    Since you're not going to be doing calculations on that sort of info, it seems to me that would work.  And it will still sort properly.

    If the problem is that you have existing data you're trying to get from one field to another, that might explain why it changes it that way.  If so, it's worth a shot to create your new text field, open up in a datasheet view with the two columns,  and then copy the data from one column to the other. 

    I've done similar things and it worked well.  


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