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  • Hope people flipping through this blog have a account in FaceBook.


    Question 1


    In Facebook there is a bottom layer which also moves when the user scrolls. Correct !! I want to create a layer like this and I should be able to resize it in size.


    Question 2


    Like in Facebook you can click on your notifications and there is a small window popped up with a (comic character saying a few words in comics) something like that and then the notifications, how do I do that.


    Question 3


    How do I change the opacity of object via JScript. I want to fade away an object ... how do I do it ??


    Question 4


    How can I make a floating layer ??


    Question 5


    How can I make a transparent floating layer ?? Like "a" in black is at bottom and "B" in red is at the top !!??




    If know any one please help me by writing "ANSWER #".




    Thank you, please help me !!

    Saturday, November 22, 2008 7:21 AM