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  • Hi everyone

    I need some VBA help from you Wise People :-)

    My Excel workbook has two sheets (named A and B). My sheet has 200 rows and Columns to GZ

    With the execution af a makro, I want the Cell in sheet A to blink if its color OR text is different from the color or text in the same Cell on sheet B

    If it matters, I only need to have fokus on row 4 to 9, 14 to 19, 24 to 29, 34 to 39....  and so on up to 194 to 199

    Hope anyone can help me ?

    Monday, March 25, 2019 7:12 PM

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  • I have uploaded an example workbook to the following OneDrive link.


    Sheet1 and Sheet2 will just blink the first mismatch it finds. Run from Sheet1. It blinks alternating with the color of the cell and white.

    Sheet3 and Sheet4 will blink multiple mismatched cells. Run from Sheet3. I had to make the blinking alternate with black and white because I have not been able to program them to blink with their original colors because it requires loops that will not process in time for the one second intervals.

    However, the original colors are stored in an array and when the blinking is stopped, the original colors are restored from an array.

    BTW it does matter to have the ranges to which the blinking is to apply. You will see that I have used a code algorithm in a loop to assign the ranges to a Union Range so that the blinking is only applied to the required ranges.

    Was an interesting challenge so I hope it does what you want.

    Regards, OssieMac

    Sunday, March 31, 2019 6:29 AM