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    Where do I find the detailed error logs for database mirroring, similar to the system tables used by log shipping? I only see these two tables and they don't contain any detailed info on what caused the mirroring issue.

    dbm_monitor_data, dbm_monitor_alerts

    Are there tables similar to log shipping's log_shipping_monitor_history_detail and/or dbo.log_shipping_monitor_error_detail?

    I also do not see any errors in the mirroring dmvs.

    Tuesday, November 29, 2011 12:57 AM


  • Why do you think there are errors?  A good representation of mirroring partnerships can be found with the mirroring monitor.  right click the mirrored database, Tasks, launch database mirroring monitor.

    Several mirror state errors will log to the SQL Server error logs as well.

    In general, you can also run sp_dbmmonitorresults @dbname which provides the same base information as the monitor.  This shows state of the partnership though and not errors that would be found in the error logs. (SQL Server error log)

    If you are having problems where the state is in a failure status, check the sql server error logs.  Typically the mirror itself is not the faulting area. security, network or such is.  If you are in the middle of setting mirroring up and it is erroring, the error will be in the sql server error log as well.

    recommend reading: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms365781.aspx for ongoing monitoring and then troubleshooting mirroring errors on a sql server instance basis, not per say, a mirroring basis but what mirroring needs to maintain a link.

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