Migrating from SC 2012 R2 (and App Controller) to WAP RRS feed

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  • We have been running System Center 2012 R2 for a while now, using App Controller to provide self-service functionality to our users for creating/managing virtual machines on our local Hyper-V cluster.  In our case, "our users" are strictly internal staff members of our company - we are not providing service to a 3rd party.

    As we plan for an eventual upgrade to SC 2016, we noted that App Controller no longer exists and that Windows Azure Pack is the intended replacement (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/system-center-docs/get-started/features-removed-or-deprecated).

    With that in mind, we have stood up WAP against our existing 2012 R2 system to begin exploring how to integrate it.

    I've gotten as far as getting ADFS setup for our local Active Directory and configured the WAP tenant portal to utilize it.  That appears to be successful as I can now login to the tenant portal using my AD credentials.  I can succesfully create a virtual machine and manage the basics of it through the tenant portal.

    However, I've done some reading and have a couple questions remaining:

    1) How do we get user accounts created for the staff members?  In VMM w/ AppController, we simply added the appropriate domain group to the desired User Role(s).  The only mechanism I've seen now is a manual entry through the WAP admin portal.  That of course becomes a mess when new staff come in or staff leave.  It will undoubtedly get out of sync.  How can we keep our users synchronized against the associated Active Directory?

    2) We have some 200+ virtual machines in our existing system with various owners.  When I log into the WAP tenant portal, I do not see any of the ones associated to me.  WAP w/ ADFS seems to handle ownership differently (new VMs are associated to "username@domain.suffix" instead of "domain/username".  I've found a couple scripts/tools online that will convert one machine at a time, by prompting the user.  But that doesn't seem practical for migrating our entire set of VMs.  What is the intended method for this?

    Thanks for your help in clarifying.

    Saturday, January 28, 2017 3:44 PM