Is source and a sink enought to create a topology. RRS feed

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  • I create a source from a wmv and a sink with MFCreateMPEG4MediaSinkand a custom topology and NOT with (MFCreateTranscodeTopology )

    I use the same parameters used in the "Tutorial: Encoding an MP4 File", only difference is that I had to use IMFMediaType instead of TranscodeProfile because

    I did not use MFCreateTranscodeTopology  and MFCreateMPEG4MediaSinktakes in IMFMediaTypes.

    I create a source node attached to my source to and i got the the IMFStreamSink from the MFMediaSink which I created with MFCreateMPEG4MediaSink  and attached it to the nodes.

    Do I need to create MFTransformNodes. The Topology should resolve what is needed so I am not adding decoders and encoders. 

    I get S_OK for eveything.  When I run the session I get MF_E_TRANSFORM_NOT_POSSIBLE_FOR_CURRENT_MEDIATYPE_COMBINATION.

    I just want to do what MFCopy (From your blogs) tutorial does with using Custom Topolopy , Just Simpler , Only wmv to H264.  And again I am using the profiles explained in "Tutorial: Encoding an MP4 File" and that works by using MFCreateTranscodeTopology but same stuff does not work when I create my topology I get MF_E_TRANSFORM_NOT_POSSIBLE_FOR_CURRENT_MEDIATYPE_COMBINATION.

    Any Ideas. Thanks

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  • Encoders are not automatically inserted for a transcode topology; the topology loader only automatically adds decoders.  You would need to create, insert, and configure (set the output type of) encoders for your topology.  Once you have inserted encoders into your topology, it should resolve correctly.  MFCreateTranscodeTopology automates this process, creating and configuring media sinks and encoders for you.
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