Error in Platform builder (WinCE 5.0) debug build: Not able to find "Kern.exe" in the directory. RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I facing problem while building the platform in debug mode.

     Before explain the problem let me tell you my understanding: - When we build the platform for the debug image, the 1st step is debug mode will copy all the driver and kernel related DLLs and EXEs to the target platform; then, the DLLs and EXEs will be copied to the release directory along with other files and "make run time image" will make the Runtime image (NK.bin).

     My settings:- I have selected form Build OS menu -> set active configuration as -> debug. Copy files to release directory is selected and make runtime image after the build is also selected.

     Now the problem is: - When I’m doing “build and sysgen” the debug DLLs and EXEs is NOT getting generated in “PLATFORM” -> “Target”. So, its failing to copy the files to the “release directory (which is already selected)”.

    Hence Error : - Not able to find “kern.exe” in the directory.

    To clear this error I changed the “setenv” file like following:

    REM Set WINCE build flags

    set WINCEDEBUG=release //This changed to debug i.e. set WINCEDEBUG=debug

    set WINCEMAP=1

     set WINCECOD= set

     WINCEREL=1 // This left blank i.e. set WINCEREL=

    But, I’m getting same error. Can you please advice where I’m going wrong? Do I need to set any environment variable or do any other steps? If, I have to set Environment variable, how should I set this??

     Note : Release build is working fine. I’m able to get release NK.Bin.

    Regards, Jyotiranjan.

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