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    I have a Matrix control on my report that that is bound to collection of a custom object (Yield). I get the following error when I run the report.


    An error has occurred during report processing. The Group expression used in grouping ‘matrix1_Contract’ returned a data type that is not valid.


    “Contract” is a public property on “Yield” object and is of a custom type “Underlying” which has two public properties of type string on it “Code” and “Name”. “Contract” is used as rows on the matrix code.


    If I change Contract property to string the report works file. Is there a way to specify the property on custom type to use for grouping, or we can’t use custom types as fields in our report and can only use primitive types?


    The documentation says we can bind reports to business objects and business objects can have properties of custom type?


    Please help!!!
    -= JL =-
    Thursday, January 22, 2009 3:16 AM