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  •  I am new to the creating workflow with SP Designer.  I have looked for samples for what I need but found none, maybe you can help.
     A user creates a form and saves it.  Someone else needs to review the form and approve it. (any 1 of 3 people could do his)   Once that person approves it,  it then needs to be approved by a manager.  So what I need the workflow to do is this: 
    When a new form is created in a forms library I need to assign workflow task to 3 people.  If any ONE of the 3 approves or rejects the task I need the other 2 tasks removed.  If a task gets approved, I need another task assigned to another user to complete the workflow.

    Wednesday, June 24, 2009 4:19 PM


  • You don't need SPD to do this - you can use the built-in Approval workflow if you have MOSS.  As long as you know the approvers and manager, you can set it up to first send to the group of 3 (it can assign one task to the whole group so that whichever one answers it first is the one who makes the decision, and you don't have to worry about errant tasks for the other 2), then it can go to the individual manager afterwards for final approval.

    If the approvers and manager roles are dynamic and dependent on some other piece of metadata, then it will be more complicated and will require SPD or code.  If I had to do it dynamically, i would do it in SPD without assigning actual tasks, but rather using lots of conditions in SPD and dynamic email routing to individuals as defined by whatever list or metadata you prefer.
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    Wednesday, June 24, 2009 8:29 PM