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  • Hi,


    i am a little confused about describing health and provisioning events inside of the FetchTargetResponse.xml. Accordingly to the scheme you just need to fill a simple string (event name). But for the usage events you also need to specifify DeliveryMode and Filter dialects.  So if i use the same architecture for provisioning and health events as i use for the usage events wouldn't it be neccessary to also specifiy delivery modes and filter dialects for them ?

    As you propaly allready understood , inside of my WES you are able to register for health and provisioning events. You are also able to specify the filters for them. So if  I cannot specify these information inside of my FetchTargetsResponse, where should I display them ?

    From my point of view the current scheme of FetchTargetsResponse is not self explenatory enough :) 

    The other question i have is regarding the XPathFilter in the eventing namespace. If you try to verify an xpath expression on a body with a namespace inside of it (namespace in xml) it always returns false. Then when i manulay delete the namespace from the body it works without a problem.

    But for that i have to deserialize my body to xml, delete the namespace and then verify this deserialized body. I don't see this as a nice workaround.

    So maybe i am missing something, but when I am using XmlDoc (from System.XML) i am able to specifiy te namespace, this is something i miss in the XPathFilter. So if somebody can help me on that i would be more then gratefull :)


    So tnx for now :)

    Kind Regards, D

    Monday, November 20, 2006 6:56 PM


  • Hi David,

    You can incoporate information related to Provisioning and health events ( such as filter dialects, delivery mode, event names) in 'ProvisioningEvent' and 'HealthEvent' fields in the same way UsageEvent field describes . Accordingly consumer applications can invoke FetchTargets method to discover this information.


    Monday, November 27, 2006 6:31 PM