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  • I have a sql server 2008 environment where it's located at a second datacenter.  The domain on that 2nd DC is an extension of the domain that is in our Primary DC, where I have SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 running.  I have this sql 2008 instance log into service w/ a windows service account.

    On the Primary DC I'm able to successfully to connect to sql instances using windows authentication.  But on the 2nd DC it's not successful, but I'm able to log in using SQL auth.  Now the kicker is, we also have an office domain.  The office domain can connect to both datacenters using windows auth.

    So basically
    Office domain:  Corp.office
    Primary DC domain:  Corp.dc
    2nd DC domain: Corp.dc

    So I can connect to SQL Server in  2nd DC SQL server using sql auth from anywhere (Office, primary DC and 2nd DC).  
    I can connect to SQL Server in the primary DC from anywhere using SQL and windows auth.
    I can connect to sql server in Office domain only from office. (only a 1 way trust in place).
    For 2nd DC I can connect from Office (corp.office) using windows auth.
    But I can't connect to 2nd DC with windows auth,Corp.dc from any remote box located  @ 2nd DC or Primary DC. However, when I remote into the SQL server box on 2nd DC, I can connect to the local instance with windows auth (when I remoted desktop directly to box).
    I can connect to the SQL Server instance from any location using Windows auth, if I use the IP Address of the server.  
    If I try by Servername then it does not work.
    Not the other thing is, when i change the service log in from a windows service account to Local, then I can connect from anywhere to the sql instance by it's name.
    I'm at a loss here.  Can anyone help me?
    Thursday, May 20, 2010 7:20 PM


  • In management studio, have a look under security/login folder and make sure that all users & groups from different domains are mapped here and have the right permissions.

    - Raoul

    Tuesday, May 25, 2010 12:40 PM