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    I was working on a sample ASP NET WEB API project, named "Using Web API 2 with Entity Framework 6", given in MSDN (Please refer the link below).


    I have published the package using "File System" methode and hosted in IIS using a test machine named "Machine C(windows 8.1)". The "Machine C" is not in any domain.

    I have two domains in my company, named "Domain A" and "Domain B".

    I want to implement " Windows Authentication" for my website so that, all users in "Domain A" and "Domain B" should be able to get "Authenticated", when they enter their respective Domain credetial.

    Is that possible?

    Additional Info:
    1.I have changed my application pool identity to "local system" in IIS

    2. Have done all the steps mentioned in the below link, in order to enable windows authentication


    3. When I hosted the web site from any machine in "Domain A", I could see that, all the users in "Domain A" can get authenticated when they enter their domain credentials. But I want to host my web site from a different machine (which is not in any of these domain)and provide access to all users in "Domain A" and "Domain B".

    Can anybody help me?

    Tuesday, June 7, 2016 11:53 AM